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Executive agenda

The professional care of nature and the countryside as well as the state administration in the territory set are performed by the Administration of the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area with office in Třeboň, which is a regional work place of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic (organisational bodies of the state), Kaplanova 1931/I, 148 00 Prague 11 - Chodov.

The basic legal tool that the Třeboňsko PLA Administration is based on in its activity is Czech National Council Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on nature and countryside protection in its valid version, which was issued following the "Euro-amendment" in its full version under No. 460/2004 Coll. Act No. 114/1992 Coll. lays down the basic protection conditions in the territory of the PLA (sec. 26) as well as in small-scale specially protected areas, and defines the field of activity of state administration bodies of nature protection. The related Regulation of the ČR No. 395/1992 Coll. regulates some parts of this area in more detail. The PLA Administration derives its competences from sec. 78 of the act quoted. The appellate body against decisions made by the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA is the Ministry of Environment - section of state administration II with headquarters in České Budějovice, Mánesova 3, 370 01 České Budějovice. The professional and conception basis for nature and landscape protection in the PLA territory is the PLA care plan.

Husa velka migruje ve známých formacích tvaru písmene V.

The PLA Administration’s range of activity has been, since 1st May 2005, enlarged in species protection (it issues certificates, approvals and exceptions of basic protection conditions for strongly and critically endangered species) and in the management of NNR and NNM outside the actual PLA territory. Its enlarged administrative area covers the administrative areas of municipal authorities with enlarged area of activity České Budějovice, Jindřichův Hradec, Třeboň, Týn nad Vltavou, Soběslav, Písek and Milevsko. The Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA also performs the state administration in the Bird Area Třeboňsko, and performs state administration and is in charge of management in the Bird Area and a National Natural Reserve Řežabinec of the same name and in the national Natural Monument Kaproun.

The Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA, within the scope of its performance of state administration of nature protection conducts a wide range of procedures in terms of nature and landscape protection, issues regulations of establishing nature reserves and monuments, approves maintenance plans for these territories, acts as a competent state administration body for these territories in deciding according to other regulations (especially construction regulations), carries out controlling and inspection activity including dealing with and imposing penalties delicts and unlawful acting. Apart from that, the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA performs tasks of professional organisation of nature protection. It provides care of declared protected areas of high protection degree and endangered plant and animal species, carries out research of nature science inventory, documentation and examination in nature protection, organises monitoring and research, provides guarding service, cultural and educational activities for information purposes and ecological education.

Kvakoš noční je středně velká volavka.

The Administration also cooperates with a number of research and science institutes (the Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the ČR, the University of South Bohemia, the Charles University, the Czech University of Agricultural Sciences, the National Museum, the J.G. Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, the Czech Endowment Fund for Otters etc.).

To be granted an exception from the basic conditions for strongly and critically endangered plant and animal species with a high protection degree (possibly necessary certificates and approvals), the applicant will submit, with a reasonable time reserve, an application to the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA, which will contain all necessary data concerning the applicant, the application reason, the species and localities concerned and the required validity length of the permission. The Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA either deals with application by itself or transfers it, along with its opinion, to the Czech Ministry of Environment section for especially protected territories. It is recommended to consult the issue in advance.

Perleťovec stříbropásek žije v koloniích.

To be granted an exception from the basic conditions for the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA and small-scale specially protected areas (Sec. 43 of the Law), the applicant will submit a full application either to the Ministry of Environment (section for specially protected areas), Vršovická 65, 100 10 Prague 10 or to the Třeboňsko PLA Administration, which will transfer it to the Ministry of Environment. Granting an exception is within the competence of the Government of the Czech Republic. An exception may be granted if the public interest prevails considerably over that of nature protection.

A special procedure in granting permits for cutting down trees growing outside a forest

Permits for cutting down trees (Sec. 8 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll.) is issued by the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA in the case of small-scale specially protected areas (national nature reserve, nature reserve, national natural monument, natural monument) and in littoral growths of selected discharge troughs (the Lužnice, Nežárka and Dračice Rivers, Koštěnický stream, Nová řeka/ New River and Zlatá stoka/Golden Canal). In other cases, in the territory of the Třeboňsko PLA, the competent body to issue a permission is a local or municipal authority of local jurisdiction (first instance body). In this case, the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA acts as an appellate body against the decision of these institutions. With each of the of the applications for cutting down wood species, all necessary data have to be specified as required by sec. 8 of Regulation of the Ministry of the Environment ČR No. 395/1992 Coll. (applicant's name and address, documenting a proprietary or lessor-lessee relationship, specifying the wood species, their species, number, including a drawing of the situation, the girth in the height of 130 cm above ground or the area covered by bushes, reasons for the application). No permission is usually necessary for cutting down wood species on plots that are owned by natural persons, if they use the plots and the trees concerned no not reach the girth of 80 cm (measured at the height of 130 cm above ground) or the compact bush growth covers an area by 40 m2.

Moudivláček lužní staví hnízdo na větvích stromů.

Notice for those interested in camping in the territory of the Třeboňsko PLA

Camping and making fire in the territory of the Třeboňsko PLA is only possible in approved camping sites and in canoeists' camping sites. Camping and making fire in the open countryside without a consent granted by the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA even in private plots even if the owner of the plot has made this camping possible. For those interested in organising children's camps there is a list of places available at the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA, where such camps may be organised. Permissions for camping are issued following a request submitted at least one month before starting the camp, specifying the place, number of participants and the duration of the stay.

Mihule potoční obývá především potoky a menší řeky.

Regulations for construction in the territory of the Třeboňsko PLA

Opinion (approval of) on constructions, formations or making use of the territory.

The applicant (investor) will send in a written application for an opinion (approval) of the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA, which is necessary for issuing a zoning decision or a construction permit, containing all necessary data about the applicant and the plot and completed with appropriate appendices (e.g. project documentation of the construction), by post to the address of the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA or will hand it in personally. Construction projects may be consulted in advance during office hours with competent employees of the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA and thus a preliminary professional opinion may be obtained according to which the applicant will arrange and complete the official application. This procedure is recommended especially with more complicated construction activities and projects in the countryside. In this way, conflict situations will be avoided, e.g. when an investor commissions an expensive project documentation for an objectionable project without any consultation with the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA, only to find out that the project cannot be realised in the locality concerned. The best procedure is consulting the project at the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA as soon as possible, before the actual investment in the plot or before commissioning the project. It is necessary to realise that, in the zoning decision and building permission proceedings, the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA takes a position of the state administration body without whose approval the building authority cannot issue the appropriate permits.

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