Monument trees

Alej památných stromů na Novořecké hrázi. Stáří mohutných stromů se odhaduje na 200 – 400 let.At present, there are over 200 trees protected by the state as “monument trees” in the territory of the Třeboňsko PLA. Two of them are European beeches, one pear tree, 13 small-leaved limes (the mightiest of them reaching 830 cm on the girth) and almost 200 pedunculate oaks with the average girth of almost 500 cm.

The high number of mighty and old trees does not only make a landmark of the countryside, but it also enables important and endangered flora and fauna to survive, which is necessary for keeping the diversity of species in the Třeboň area.

Due to the fact that there are several more hundred trees of this kind in the countryside, the number of monument trees is expected to that will be extended.

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