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Wetlands of international importance

There are two sites (consisting of a larger number of partial localities) in the Třeboňsko PLA/BR, which were put on the list of wetlands of international importance, protected by the Ramsar Convention.

The first to be listed after our republic joined the Convention in 1990, were the Fishponds of Třeboň, and following that, in 1993, the Peatlands of Třeboň, which had had the candidate statute only. The Ramsar sites of the Fishponds of Třeboň covers the area of 10,165 hectares, of which the actual fishponds cover 5289 hectares and represent 70% of fishponds in the region of Třeboň. The wetlands of international importance include the total number of 159 fishponds the area of which ranges from 1 to 420 hectares, and the biotopes in their immediate surroundings.

Národní přírodní rezervace Stará a Nová řeka. V jarním období, kdy se voda rozlije po širokém okolí.

The prevailing majority of these wetlands came into being as a result of human activities – fishponds, wet meadows, alder groves, willow thickets, reed swamps, sedge meadows, peat bogs in flood plains of fishponds. The sites meets the criterion set by the Ramsar Convention by its significance for waterfowl, not only as a nesting place but especially as a break on the birds’ passage. The Ramsar sites Peatlands of Třeboň covers 1100 hectares and consists of separate transition peatlands mostly covered with forests. The centre of three localities consists of natural, in some places resembling a primeval forest, bog pine growths, with a rich coppice of marsh tea.

The reasons for which the area was put on the list of the Ramsar Convention was the fact that there are unique ecosystem islands in which a large number of protected and endangered plant and animal species occur.

V přírodní rezevaci Rybníky u Vitmanova nalezneme masožravé rosnatky, bublinatky či ďáblík bahenní.

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