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Sports, tourism & recreation

Development of tourism is one of the Třeboň region's important economic factors. It creates new jobs, supports new services and is important for the development throughout the region. Tourism is essential to develop and regulate in accordance with appropriate strategies resulting in preserving the local nature and landscape and sustaining intraregional economical development based chiefly on farming and traditional crafts and complemented by soft forms of tourism, which includes visitor services, such as accommodation, guided tours, sale of local products and the like. This provides a great potential for involvement and stabilisation of local people who often have lived there for generations. All these activities may streamline to achieve one common goal, which is sustainable regional development and increased importance of the region not only within the country, but also at the international level. The PLA and Biosphere Reserve Administration welcomes activities that are finding new forms of use for existing buildings and are consistent with the local character, landscape character and cultural heritage of the area. Currently, the PLA Administration cooperates with municipalities and non-governmental organisations on projects that focus on sustainable development throughout the region.

Cyklistická naučná stezka Okolo Třeboně vytváří uzavřený okruh, který je 39 km dlouhý a je na něm umístěno 22 zastávek, vybavených informačními tabulemi


Currently, there are five nature trails developed by the Administration of Třeboňsko PLA, with additional four trails operated by other entities. The Administration of PLA/BR has also been placing information boards around each small-size specially protected area as well as within sites interesting in terms of natural science and history. The siting of the boards is linked to the existing network of cycling routes and marked trails for tourists, with 26 information boards like these placed in the field so far. Along the rivers that are frequently visited on summers, there are eight additional information boards, providing essential information for water tourists.

Novořecká hráz je dlouhá 6 km.


Cycling is currently in the Třeboň region amongst the fastest growing recreational activities. This relates to the increased level of construction of nature trails for cyclists, as well as signage of long-distance cycle trails. For cyclists, there are two local nature trails available in form of closed circuits, with the city of Třeboň being the starting point for both of these. First, there is a 39-km long cycle trail named Around Třeboň, which gives the visitor knowledge about typical features of the region. The route has 22 information points with information on notice boards available in Czech and English. The second route is a 22 km long biking trail called Rožmberk, which introduces visitors to the history and development of fish pond culture in the region, with eight information boards located along the road, bearing Czech, English and German texts. There is also a cycle trail called Domanín, which is 16 km long and partially follows a nature trail called “Around the World”, which is little joke based on the name of the best-known fish pond in these parts, known as Svět (svět = world). South of the Dunajovice village, located 5 km from Třeboň, there is a 1 km long Stations of the Cross on the mountain of Dunajovická hora. In the southern part of the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area, you can find a part of the Vitorazy Region Heritage Trail created by the civic association of Novohradská občanská společnost, which was supported by the European Union and micro regions of Vitorazy (Mikroregion Vitorazsko) and Rose Association (Sdružení Růže).

 Z velké části naučná stezka Červené blato kopíruje bývalé zpevněné komunikace využívané při těžbě rašeliny a prochází nejpestřejšími částmi rašeliniště.


There are three educational trails for hikers, each of them equipped with texts in Czech, English and German to cater the needs of the large number of foreign visitors. The first one is a 12 km long trail called Around the World with a starting point in Třeboň, which provide with its 16 information points detailed information on the values of the Třeboň region in terms of natural world and landscape. Another trail is named Červené Blato and contains 9 places with a special focus on the history, flora and fauna of one of the largest peat bogs throughout the region. This 3 km long trail has its starting point in the valley of Jiříkovo údolí, 17 km south of Třeboň. The third trail is called Veselské pískovny and introduces visitors to the natural beauties in the area of gravel lakes. Staying within this 7 km nature trail route with 14 information points can be combined in summer with swimming in the gravel lakes. To start, you will need to reach the car park near the sandpits of Veselí nad Lužnicí, which is about 20 km north of Třeboň. The Velký Lomnický Nature Trail was developed with the support of the PHARE programme in cooperation of the city of Lomnice nad Lužnicí and the Administration of Třeboňsko PLA/BR. The 6.5 km walking route starts in Lomnice nad Lužnicí and is designed to educate the visitor about the fish pond habitat by means of 15 information points.

Swimming opportunities

Recreational fish ponds

Svět (Třeboň), Hejtman (Chlum u Třeboně), Staňkovský (Staňkov), Dvořiště (Smržov)

Indoor swimming pools

Aurora Spa Třeboň
Berta Spa Třeboň

Naučná stezka  Červené blato se nachází 18 km jižně od Třeboně


Any camping and fires within the territory of the Třeboňsko PLA shall be permitted only on designated camping sites and canoeing camp grounds. Camping and making fires in the open countryside is not possible unless approved so by the Třeboňsko PLA Administration; the same applies to the private land, even if camping had been allowed by the landowner. If you wish to organise a children camp, please contact the PLA Administration for the list of available sites where such camps can be operated. Camping permits are issued upon application giving the place, date and number of campers no later than a month before your start your camping activities.

Vodácké tábořiště v Suchdole nad Lužnicí se nachází na začátku plavby toku řeky Lužnice.

Canoe touring

The rivers of Lužnice, including its forks called Stará řeka and Nová řeka, and Nežárka are amongst the most sought-after Czech canoe touring trails accessible to even less skilled persons. In the recent years, however, they have suffered from water shortages during summers. More details on mileage and routes are available in special maps and publications (for example, "Lužnice - vodácká mapa 1:50 000", Kartografie Praha 1991, " Lužnice - vodácký průvodce", Shocart 1998 etc.). Camping and making fires is only permitted at approved camp sites. When cruising, it is essential that you follow the document titled "The Lužnice and Nežárka rivers recreational area regulation", as well as the essential information of nature and landscape protection and legal conditions that apply to the nature reserves through which your watercraft passes, i.e. Horní Lužnice, Na Ivance, Výtopa Rožmberka and Stará a Nová řeka (a national nature reserve). When passing through these, please note that any entering a river bank is allowed only when necessary. Suchdol nad Lužnicí is the most commonly used starting site along the Lužnice River, one that can be easily reached to bring your boat by rail and by road.  When choosing the stream to travel, i.e. Old River or New River, you should always check the current condition of water at the place called Rozvodí-Novořecké splavy. Please note that the local camp site has been cancelled. The Nová řeka option, which is more usual, will take you to Veselí nad Lužnicí down the Nežárka River, whilst travelling down the Stará řeka you continue across the fish pond of Rožmberk and then from its main outlet down the so-called Malá Lužnice River to Veselí nad Lužnicí.

V létě je Stará řeka rájem vodáků.

Camping sites authorised for use

Lužnice and Stará řeka

Suchdol nad Lužnicí - the right bank downstream the road bridge in the Klikov direction, river kilometre 125.0
Majdalena - the left bank downstream the village in the meadow behind the church, river kilometre 113.5
Stará řeka - no camp sites available
The municipality of Lužnice - the right bank downstream the road bridge, river kilometre 90.6
The settlement of Měruše, the left bank upstream the road bridge to Vlkov, river kilometre 79.9
Veselí nad Lužnicí - the city, junction with the Nežárka River, river kilometre 74.5

Nová řeka  - Camp site: Mláka - Weinzettlův mlýn, the left bank, river kilometre 3.8

Nežárka River - The municipality of Hamr - the right bank downstream the weir, river kilometre 8.8

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