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Landscape programmes of the Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment of the ČR provides financial means for conservation purposes by means of “landscape formation programmes”, which are aimed at protecting the natural and cultural values of the countryside and enhancing the biological diversity.

The Rivers Systems Revitalisation Programme (RSRP) has been in progress since 1992, and is aimed at renovating natural stretches of water courses, wetlands and water areas in places where these countryside elements were damaged or destroyed in the past, or at creating new water areas or wetlands in suitable places, which will help to enhance biodiversity as well as the water retaining capacity of the countryside. It is a programme focused on investment, and applications for financial support are to be submitted to the Nature and Landscape Protection Agency.

 Břehule říční obývá místa s vysokými hlinitými břehy nebo podobné stěny, například v pískovnách.

The Landscape Management Programme (LMP) is a programme focused on non-investment events. The aim of this programme is supporting activities for the improvement of the natural environment and the protection of species and ecosystems in the countryside. Within this programme, funds may be obtained for activities like planting woody plants and looking after them, establishing grass areas, careful mowing of meadows, creating water areas etc. At present, the LMP is divided into 2 sub-programmes. Financial means are provided within the landscape conservation sub-programme for measures in the open countryside (outside specially protected areas, protective zones thereof and military domains). Applications for financial support are to be submitted to the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the CR.

Contributions for events carried out in specially protected areas (PLA, NNR, NNM, NR, NM) and protective zones thereof and Special Protection Areas are provided within the sub-programme of care of specially protected parts of nature and bird areas. The recipients of the support applications are Protected Landscape Areas and National parks administrations.

Orel mořský zachycený kamerou na hnízdě

Examples of using landscape formation programmes in the territory of the Třeboňsko PLA

Part of the general function of the daily activities of the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA is also the practical management of declared small-scale specially protected areas, carried out on the basis of approved conservation plans and, in recent years, active protection, maintenance and restoration of other valuable parts of the countryside. To carry out these activities the PLA Administration uses both mentioned landscape formation programmes, in which it takes the position of the investor, or recipient of budget means (it is represented in the regional advisory body of the RSRP programme).

Financial means of the landscape formation programmes represent a considerable amount in the PLA Administration budget and enable the realisation of a number of necessary measures for improving the environment in the PLA territory. Recently the PLA Administration became involved, by means of several events, in the RSRP programme, which funded constructing a water lagoon in the New River Swamps (1995-2000), the restoration of the pond Sousedský (1995), restoration of the peat-forming process by establishing little pools in the NNR Žofinka (1999-2002) and especially two revitalisation stages of cut-off stream branches of the Lužnice River in the northern part of the PLA (1997, 1999), when flow was re-established permanently in four left bank cut-off stream branches of the Lužnice River, with the total length of 472 m.

Jeřáb popelavý k hnízdění vyhledává rašeliniště a rákosiny u jezer, rybníků a řek v lesnatých oblastech

Recently, the LMP programme means cover the management of small-scale specially protected areas, composition elements of Economic Stability Territorial System, genetic resources areas and also the maintenance of outdoor information facilities. 
Most of these activities are carried out directly by the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA, which carries them out by means of professional supplier companies or on the basis of agreements with plot owners. This is an above-standard measure in forest bio-centres (growing and planting amelioration woody plants, protection of natural rejuvenation etc.), establishing and maintenance of outdoor information facilities, renovation of small water and wetland biotopes in small sandpits, peat-bogs and in the flood-plain of the Lužnice River, removing undesirable vegetation from natural seeding in non-forest eco-systems, mowing meadows and reed swamps, creating nesting possibilities for protected birds, care of genetic resources, reintroducing endangered plant species and care of injured animals, geometric surveying of reservations.

Applicants will receive more detailed information about these programmes and possibilities of obtaining financial subsidies from the Administration of the Třeboňsko PLA, as well as certificates issued by an authority of nature protection for applicants from programmes of different resorts.

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